Church Brew Works Oktoberfest

Church Brew Works Oktoberfest

The brewers of Bavaria, Germany, typically brewed a special beer for the annual Oktoberfest celebration. The style which evolved for such an occasion is appropriately called an Oktoberfest. You might also hear this beer referred to as a Märzen. That’s because this beer was traditionally brewed in March (‘Marz’ in German) and lagered in caves until September. Because we now enjoy the convenience of refrigeration, we can lager the beer in a much shorter amount of time. Our Oktoberfest is a light amber colored beer. It is malty in both flavor and aroma making it a delicate beer which is very drinkable. The hop bitterness is kept low to accentuate the maltiness. Notice the crisp clean character and enjoy. We brewed three batches of this beer so that we can bottle some of it in order to enhance our bottle beer selection. 14°

Brewery: Church Brew Works Oktoberfest

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