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Anchor Variety Pack


Designed for beer fans to sample four original San Francisco beers. This Variety Pack brings Anchor Favorites and new innovative brews together in one convenient offering. With a range of styles and taste profiles, there’s a unique brew for every situation. It’s perfect for entertaining or hosting a fun beer tasting amongst friends.

California Lager
Liberty Ale
Seasonal (Bay Keeper IPA)

Budweiser Reserve Family

We are excited to introduce the first full time addition to the Budweiser Reserve Family: Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold – an extra-smooth golden lager crafted with nitro and 100% American grains. Smaller, denser nitro bubbles make this an extra-smooth drinking experience with a creamy head and silky-smooth finish. This golden lager is brewed with toasted caramel malt for a deep golden color and a bold, flavorful taste taken to the next level with Nitro.

Bud Light Variety Pack

Premium light lager brewed with real citrus peels. Crisp and refreshing, with a fun twist of flavor. Each 12 pack contains Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Orange and new Bud Light Lemonade.
Available now in 12oz Cans 2/12 Pack.

Lost Palate Hazy IPA with Mango

This release is dedicated to Jonny, a long time Goose Island employee. Jonny, and brewer Quinn, ideated this recipe after Jonny’s recent victorious battle with cancer. The recipe was inspired after Jonny lost the ability to taste many flavors, an unfortunate consequence of battling cancer. He almost completely lost his palate and mangos and cinnamon were two of the few things he was still able to taste. We’re happy to say that Jonny is now a cancer survivor! This beer pays tribute to the flavors that were never lost.

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