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DuClaw For Pete’s Sake – Q4-Pre Order with your Sales Rep Now!

DuClaw For Pete’s Sake
Strong chocolate & peanut butter flavors: coffee & dark fruit notes. Full-bodied & creamy with a warming alcohol presence. A blissful, full-bodied follow up to our Sweet Baby Jesus! chocolate peanut butter porter with elevated peanut butter cup flavors and 9% ABV.

Now in cans!

Coming Soon – Busch Light Apple


Introducing Busch Light Apple! This crisp apple-flavored lager will disrupt the flavored beer space with a brand that everyone knows and loves. Only available for a limited time, Busch Light Apple will hit shelves during the key summer selling period and run through peak fall apple picking season.

Available July 23rd in 30pk and 2/12pk 12oz Cans.

Molson Coors to launch Coors Seltzer

Coors Seltzer – A hard seltzer made with a mission to taste good and do good. Coors Seltzer is the
 first hard seltzer rooted in a higher purpose to give back, making it easy for consumers to make a positive impact on the world. Molson Coors is partnering with Change The Course to protect America’s rivers that provide clean water to wildlife and millions of people. $1 per case is Donated to Change the Course River Initiatives. Coors Seltzer Variety Pack will include flavors: Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Grapefruit and Mango.Only 90 calories, Gluten Free and 4.5% ABV. Package: 12oz Slim Can-
New Year Round

Brewdog Piña Playa Pineapple Coconut Gose A USA special, Piña Playa.

The drought is over. Brace yourself for a Caribbean storm. This Piña Colada inspired Gose has a deluge of aromas with pineapple, coconut and lemon front and centre. Followed by a torrent of zesty citrus and aromatic herbal notes that burst across the palate. Hold fast fir a thunder clap sharp salty finish. Piña Playa – juiced up and ready to roll.

Rhinegeist Wowie Fruited Ale

Meet the wild child, Rhinegeist Wowie Fruited Ale is a tropical troublemaker with effervescent intentions. This ale pairs
bright pineapple with apple and tart passionfruit in a sensual carimbo. Make the getaway, destination unknown, set off into sparkling skies. Let’s get out of here. The possibilities, the thrill, the adventure; Wowie. ABV: 5%
Now available year-round rotation with Slangria and Zango.

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