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Elysian Skalrock Kviek Ale


The design for Skålrok celebrates the oft overlooked, yet extremely well loved, telephone pole. For without its existence, many events would be amiss: concerts, festivals, dance parties, block parties, missing dogs and cats and lizards and llamas, signs of help, dramatic declarations that mean everything in the world to only that one person.

A strong performance of malts and hops give this beer a moderately sweet, slightly bitter, and subtly tart taste; but the real star in this group is the Kveik yeast that gives this Nordic Pale Ale a well-balanced flavor and unforgettable citrus-forward aroma. Plunge into the mosh pit and see for yourself. ABV 4.9%

Available in November in 12oz NR 4/6, 1/2, 1/6

Lagunitas Sterohopic Volume #3-Limited Available Cases


The StereoHopic IPA Series channels our 25+ year hop love affair into a spotlight on two special varietals at a time–and the interestingness that occurs between.

When two hops come together, the combination can be better than the sum of its parts… Passion fruit & guava interplay with Nectaron’s juicy yellow peaches; resulting in a veritable Voltron of sticky hoppiness. ABV 7.2%

Rogue Dead Guy

Dead Guy Ale is a Maibock style ale with a robust malt profile and a sweetness that is balanced by the liberal use of bittering hops.Deep reddish amber hue. Generous toasty malt aromas and earthy hops follow through on a moderately full-bodied palate with fruity accents and a long spicy hop finish. A delicious hybrid style with bock-like maltiness but ale-like hopping.

UFO Winter Blonde

Vanilla coffee meets a refreshing hefeweizen…. Absolutely delicious.

Have you ever tasted a light wheat beer that tastes like vanilla coffee? We hadn’t either until our brewers made this delicious little treat. Made with vanilla cold brew from a local partner, you won’t believe how light and refreshing this beer is for your next holiday jingle!

Wicked Weed Guilty Pleasures Variety

Wicked Weed’s latest variety pack offers Imperial Stouts in four decadent flavors inspired by classic desserts: Brownie (ABV 8.7%), S’mores (ABV 9%), German Chocolate Cake (ABV 8.8%), and Milk and Cookies (ABV 8.5%).

The Guilty Pleasures variety pack is truly the perfect balance of decadent desserts and imperial stout.

Available in October in 12oz can 6/4

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