Elysian Skalrock Kviek Ale


The design for Skålrok celebrates the oft overlooked, yet extremely well loved, telephone pole. For without its existence, many events would be amiss: concerts, festivals, dance parties, block parties, missing dogs and cats and lizards and llamas, signs of help, dramatic declarations that mean everything in the world to only that one person.

A strong performance of malts and hops give this beer a moderately sweet, slightly bitter, and subtly tart taste; but the real star in this group is the Kveik yeast that gives this Nordic Pale Ale a well-balanced flavor and unforgettable citrus-forward aroma. Plunge into the mosh pit and see for yourself. ABV 4.9%

Available in November in 12oz NR 4/6, 1/2, 1/6

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