Beer Of The Week: Rogue “American Amber Ale” - Archived - May No Longer Be Relevant

Rogue american amber ale

Looking for something a little…amber? Look no further than Rogue Ale & Spirit’s “American Amber Ale,” celebrating the red, white and blue. Priding itself on no chemicals, additives or preservatives it is a true table quality, hand-made revolutionary brew.

The World Beer Championship Judges proclaimed that is “a perfect embodiment of an American Amber Ale.” It has a tawny amber color and a delightful toffee aroma. Upon tasting it, it reveals a tight head, delicate roasted malt accent and a generous use of hops with a smooth finish. Pair it with beef or seafood and you’ve got yourself set for a delicious meal.

5.3% ABV | 54 IBU

For more information on where to pick up this beer click here.

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