The Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company campus consists of five buildings on 24 acres in the Historic South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. There are two full service warehouses, a sales office building, a sales and point of sale building, and a fleet maintenance facility.

Building #1 consists of the newly completed (2014) three story office building as well as a full service warehouse for the Fuhrer Eagle Sales Division. Building #1 is 153,000 sq ft in total and has just over 103,000 sq ft of climate controlled warehouse space.

Building #2 is the second full service warehouse supporting the brands serviced by the Coors-Boston-Diageo Sales team and the Yuengling-Import-Specialty Sales team. Building #2 is 175,000 total sq ft. It features two separate draft coolers and two package coolers. The total climate controlled space is 119,500 sq ft.

Building #3 is a 19,000 sq ft Sales office building which features offices, conference rooms, a sign shop, and a POS warehouse. Building #3 houses the Coors-Boston-Diageo and Yuengling-Import Specialty sales teams.

Building #4 is a 14,000 sq ft Sales support building. It features a POS warehouse, sign shop, and draft services area.

Building #5 is a 9,000 sq ft Fleet Maintenance facility. It is comprised of 2 auto service bays and 3 truck service bays.

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