Puma Pilsner Pops Up In Pittsburgh

Fear not Rhinegeist fans, you can add a new brew to your cooler. Puma Pilsner, a hoppy pilsner with a balance of bready malts and striking noble hops work in tandem to provide elegant and subtle sip after sip. Perfect for a sunny summery day relaxing in the sun. A strong name like Puma is aptly named as this brew shines with a golden brilliance as you enjoy the floral aromatic punctuating through.

ABV: 5.02% | IBU: 40

Don’t forget to crack open an ice cold Streaker as you await the next round of releases from Rhinegeist: 

  • Spike Belgian Wit (ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 15) 
  • Press Tart (ABV: 4.4% | IBU: 8) 



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