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SweetWater Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Market Square! This Friday sip on the second release from the SweetWater Brewing Company’s Hatchery series, the  Mexican Style Lager, as you make your way around the Square to the following restaurants and bars: 
Diamond Market:  5PM-6PM
Wingharts:  7PM-8PM
City Works:  8PM-9PM
BeerHead:  9:30PM-10:30PM

Back in September, SouthWater Brewing Company introduced their pilot system: a 10 barrel brewhouse that would give their brewers the opportunity to test new and experimental recipes in relatively small batches. The plan was to serve the results in their tasting room, but then they started cooking up some seriously tasty beers that they felt the world needed to taste. Their second release in the the Hatchery series is a crisp Mexican Style Lager cooked up by SweetWater brewer Travis. 

#BeerOfTheWeek: Boulevard Brewing Co’s “Can Fan” Variety Pack

Sometimes it is just too difficult to pick one beer to enjoy, so why not enjoy three! That is the motto that Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company lives by when it comes to their “Can Fan” Variety Pack. Three of their favorite year-round beers to give you 12 reasons to improve your day! Featuring the Unfiltered Wheat Beer, Heavy Lifting IPA, and Ginger Lemon Radler

  • UNFILTERED WHEAT BEER: An American-style wheat beer that is equal parts lively and refreshing has natural citrus flavors with a distinctive cloudy appearance. It is one of the brewery’s best selling ales and is a Midwest favorite. ABV 4.4% | IBU 14 | EBC 7.3
  • HEAVY LIFTING IPA: Shifting directions, this beer is a standard West Coast India Pale Ale and Boulevard Brewing Company’s newest year-round offering. This brew is known for it’s big, bold hops that help the taste bellow with flavor. You won’t be able to miss the five different kinds of hops in this big guy. ABV 6.2% | IBU 80 | EBC 14

  • GINGER LEMON RADLER: Last but not least is this delightful Radler, a zesty and refreshing take on mixing beer with soda or lemonade to make the perfect light, thirst-quenching beer practically made for warm weather relaxation. Enjoy the fresh and light taste of this delightful beer when you’re looking for the perfect beer to help you sit back and relax. ABV 4.1% | IBU 12 | EBC 6

How Magic Hat Is Arting Around With Packaging



Back in the day, Dale’s Pale Ale from Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery was the only craft brew you could get in a can. Of course, there were also the inexpensive everyman’s beers such as Pabst Blue Ribbon and Budweiser. Now, more and more craft breweries are packaging their suds in aluminum.

Why? The brewers interviewed for this article cited portability, trendiness and better light-blocking capabilities. And some brews, such as the Alchemist’s Heady Topper, simply taste better from the can.

Not to mention, a 16-ounce silver cylinder provides ample real estate for branded artwork. And that’s increasingly important in the saturated beer market. The U.S. counted more than 5,000 craft brewers as of 2016, according to the Brewers Association. That’s a lot of competition.

Whether printed on the bare metal substrate or on a glossy wrap, beer-can designs speak to the personalities of the brews and the companies that make them. We tapped four designers in an attempt to better understand the artful can.

  • Founded: 1994
  • Location: South Burlington
  • Designer: Ryan Ober leads the Foundry, an in-house design team.
  • Annual production: 150,000 barrels
  • Format: 12- and 22-ounce bottles, 12- and 16-ounce cans
  • Aesthetic: “Eccentric, psychedelic, artful,” says brand manager Lisa Kelly.

SEVEN DAYS: When did you start selling cans, and why?

LISA KELLY: We started selling cans in the spring of 2011. Cans have become a great option for outdoor activities, like gathering in parks, camping trips … boating and enjoying at all the outdoor music festivals. [And] here are some benefits to using cans over bottles: Cans seal out oxygen better, which keeps the beer fresher longer. They also block out the light completely, so you don’t get that skunkiness to the beer.

SD: How has Magic Hat evolved to keep up?

RYAN OBER: We just rebranded all our cans — we were focusing on better communication, a formula. We want to have a consistent look to the logo but stay true to who we are, being a little bit mysterious with our beers and having fun with it.

We really hadn’t changed our packaging in 10 years, so we’re [evolving] with all of our packaging, creating this family look. It looks more modern.

SD: Do you print on wraps or the bare substrate?

RO: I like printing on the substrate, because you have to communicate more with the printers — pick where you’re going to let the shiny spots come through. I think some people like to print on the wrap, because then they can guarantee a white background. [Printing on the can] changes the colors.

To read the full article click here

Brewery Ommegang introduces Pale Sour Ale

Brewery Ommegang welcomes a remarkable new year-round beer this month.Pale Sour is a 6.9% ABV mixed fermentation sour beer developed by Ommegang’s brewmaster Phil Leinhart, and the master blenders at their sister brewery, Liefmans, in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

“Pale Sour is an elegant, drinkable sour beer, unique in that it’s not wood-aged. It has a well-balanced blend of sweet and sour,” says Ommegang’s brewmaster, Phil Leinhart. “Liefmans is such a historic, iconic brewery and having the opportunity to work with them has been an honor and very enjoyable.”

Pale Sour begins with a mixed culture fermentation in open copper vats. Aged over several months in stainless tanks, master blenders blend new batches with older ones until the optimal balance of flavors is reached.

A beer that drinks much like a fine white wine, Pale Sour pours a bright golden hue with a brilliant white head. The flavor is an elegant interplay of sweet and sour and the mouthfeel is soft with a delicate body and clean finish.

Pale Sour’s balanced acidity is a perfect accompaniment to a charcuterie board and a tasty contrast to rich, fatty foods. Try pairing with duck, ribeye, blue cheese, and rich chocolate desserts. Pale Sour is best served in a Teku glass which will prevent the beer from warming in hands.

Available in 12 oz. four-packs and on draft at the brewery beginning Saturday, April 29,Pale Sour will also be available in select Ommegang retailers within the brewery’s distribution footprint.

#BeerOfTheWeek: Boulder Beer Company’s “Hazed Hoppy Session Ale”

Boulder Beer Company is known for their innovative, always tasty brews and being Colorado’s first craft brewery, but their Hazed Hoppy Session Ale is among one of the nationwide favorites. It meets the palate at the perfect crossroads of hops and a classic session ale. Hazed is a dry-hopped ale that is fermented with big, fresh hop flavor that gives the beer it’s aroma without the bitterness brews typically get from hops. The blend of four different hop varieties helps to give the amber-colored ale a full mouth feel and smooth finish.

Clocking in at 5.0% ABV and 38 IBU this brew is available in 6-pack bottles, 6-pack cans, 12-pack bottles and 22oz bottles, making enjoying this drink responsibly perfect for even the pickiest of beer drinkers. Sit back, relax and #GetHazed

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