Independent Brewing Company in Squirrel Hosts One-Of-A-Kind Oktoberfest

From September 19th through the 30th Squirrel Hill’s Independent Brewing Company is taking a brief departure from their “all-local beer” concept, and importing to Pittsburgh the best eight German beers that they could get their hands on. To wit:

1809 Berliner: a tough-to-find, traditional, dual-culture Berliner weisse brewed by legendary Bavarian brewmeister Dr. Fritz Breim at Weihenstephaner brewery

Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock: a traditional Maibock brewed in the original home of bock beer

Uerige Doppelsticke: a stronger take on the classic Dusseldorf altbier

Schlenkerla Märzen: a big, bad smoked märzen from Bamburg that transports you immediately to a campfire on a crisp autumn evening

Weihenstephaner Krystalweiss: very similar to Weihenstephaner’s acclaimed Hefeweizen, but filtered for startling clarity

Schneider Weisse: a unique, amber-hued hefeweizen that lends caramel from its middle malts to add to the traditional clove and banana tastes and aromas from the yeast. (We purchased this one at the special request of Roundabout owner/brewer Steve Sloan, who brews a beautiful take on this beer called “Ferdl Weiss”). Ayinger Oktoberfest: a perfectly-executed traditional Märzen

Reissdorf Kölsch: the gold standard of Kölsch, the cold-fermented ale that defines a night out in Cologne

Fan of hops and local beer, fear not. Independent Brewing Company is going to devote the rest of their taps to hop-forward local offerings, so you won’t be left out in the metaphorical cold of a Bavarian Höhle packed with Eisblöcke cut out of the Isar-Fluss in mid-März!

Finally, they’ll also debut their autumn food menu tomorrow, which has a German influence and is designed to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Think Schnitzel, currywurst, sauerbraten, and Brussels sprouts. 


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