Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Announces Partnership with Pizza Boy Brewing

There are plenty of exciting happening day to day here at Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company, but our latest announcement is truly something to write home about. We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Pizza Boy Brewing! As part of our this partnership, we will be representing and distributing all Pizza Boy Brands in the Pittsburgh area as well as Western PA. Beginning on April 16th, 2018 we’re officially a part of the Pizza Boy Brewing family, and they a part of ours.

This Enola, PA based brewery has spent the past few years expanding their reach and delighting tastebuds in the Western PA area as they continue to grow.  Owner of Pizza Boy Brewing, Al Kominski mentions, “This new partnership with Fuhrer is an opportunity for us to continue growing in Pittsburgh and to expand into all of Western PA.” Adding to the air of excitement, Kevin Spoule of Fuhrer Wholesale notes, ” We couldn’t be more excited to work with Al and Pizza Boy Brewing.  It’s amazing how great tasting and dynamic the Pizza Boys brands are. We’re thrilled to be able to get Pizza Boy to more and more Western Pennsylvanians.” 

If you haven’t had the pleasure sipping on a Pizza Boy brew yet, now is the time to do so!

Head to their website to learn more about their world-class craft beers! 


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