Breckenridge Brewery

Location: Colorado

Selection: Craft

Breckenridge Brewery

Back in the 1980s Breckenridge Brewery’s founder had a dream – to ski all day and drink great beer every night. Since he lived in the snow-kissed Rocky Mountains, fulfilling the skiing portion of his dream was easy. But the great beer part – at a time when a “microbrew” was a rarity – that was another story. So he started brewing his own, more flavorful beers for himself and his thrill-seeking ski pals. Today Breckenridge Brewery continues to work hard to satisfy the thirsts of discerning beer drinkers. The original recipes – and a handful of seasonal creations – are now handcrafted at our three Breckenridge Brewery locations in Colorado. Breckenridge Brewery’s brewing and bottling facility is in Denver’s historic Santa Fe Art District neighborhood. Here our brewmaster and staffers craft and package the bottled and kegged versions of our nationally acclaimed beers.

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