#BeerOfTheWeek | Southern Tier Brewing Company’s “Imperial Cherry Gose”

As we move into Spring, our tastebuds are yearning for something a bit lighter than the stouts and porters that have been keeping us warm all winter. Luckily for us, Southern Tier Brewing Company is helping pull us into Spring with their Imperial Cherry Gose. This sour beer turns heads and leaves a memorable taste in our mouths making it our #BeerOfTheWeek.

Based in New York, Southern Tier Brewing Company is utilizing their surrounding resources. NYS ranks 4th for production of tart cherries in US. Having access to this “super food” always the brewery to produce a bright color, clean and juicy aroma and flavor that is accentuated by the fruit’s natural acidity. 

Using 3 types of malts, coriander, pink Himalayan Sea Salt and a generous amount of New York State Tart Cherry Juice, the beer provides bright acidity with strong flavors of tartness and a clean salty finish. The IBU for this beer comes in quite low at only 7 IBU. ABV comes in a bit higher at 8.3%.

Pair this beer with grilled fish, eggs Benedict or ceviche to get the full experience. 

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