#BeerOfTheWeek Boulder Beer’s “Hola Maria”

It is starting to feel a bit more like Spring—but with Pittsburgh weather, sometimes you never know. When you’re looking for a bit of light in your life you can look towards Boulder Beer’s “Hola Maria,” a Mexican-style ale with a sunny disposition and vibrant golden color. Bright, easy-going, smooth and always refreshing, Hola Maria is brewed with malted wheat to ensure a soft mouth-feel. You’ll get a delightful response with a full flavor in this light crisp ale largely impart to the slightly unfiltered portion of the brewing process.

Clocking in at 5.2% ABV and 15 IBU, this seasonal beer is the perfect treat if you’re looking for something easy and light to drink to unwind. The design of the cans and tap allude to a fiesta of flavors that you can expect upon your first sip.

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