#BeerOfTheWeek | Atwater Brewery’s Whango Mango Wheat

Where are all the wheat beer lovers? In era of IPAs, wheat beers rarely get the credit or the prestige the deserve. Atwater Brewery acknowledges this need for a seriously good beer. Following the trend of seasonal fruit beers, we’re excited to feature “Whango Mango Wheat” from Atwater Brewery. This American-style wheat beer don’t stray far from the malt bill of their German Weizen cousins, but have much less of a “yeasty” characteristic. 

With a cloudy blonde color, it has a sweet and crisp scent thanks to the mango. Don’t fret, the taste isn’t overwhelmingly mango. It has a mildly-sweet flavor that is actually quite refreshing. It is a the perfect beer to enjoy when you’re looking for something light and fresh with a bit of excitement. 

ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 14

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